Don’t plan everything perfectly and leave your first dance to chance

Freelance Wedding Dance is designed to give couples a special and unique first dance for their wedding day or special occasion (an anniversary or birthday celebration).

We know that your first dance is one of the most important dances you will ever do and that there is a lot of pressure on you newly weds to “wow” your guests. We work with you both to create the perfect wedding dance suited completely to your needs and dreams.

Things to think about:

What sort of dance style are you both interested in? Do you want a set routine or do you just need a few basics to “go with the flow”?

We offer most dance styles from traditional Ballroom (waltz, tango, salsa, jive etc) to something a bit less traditional like Belly Dance, hip hop, break dance…the choice is yours!

The number of lessons you may require depends on the dance style you want. Usually, most couples will require 4 – 6 hours in total but if you want something basic then you may be fine with just a couple of hours.


If you have a set piece of music in mind that’s a good start. If you have several pieces of music and you can’t decide, then we can help you with the decision. If you have no idea at all about what music you would like to use then we can offer some suggestions to suit the style of dance you are drawn to.

Wedding dance prices

Studio space

Come to Brooke’s Studio £45- £55 per hour (depending on requirements)

8 Brentwood Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne

Home visit

We can come to your home £60 – £75 per hour depending on location and requirements (You will require a reasonably large, accessible area)

Cost Breakdown

Traditional ballroom with some fantastic moments and a few fancy spins thrown in for good measure is £50 per hour or £225 for 5 hours. Allow 1 – 2 months to practise…

More than one song and/or a specialised choreography, e.g. Thriller, Dirty Dancing, Hip Hop etc £55 per hour or £300 for 6 hours (book your 1st session at least 3 months before the wedding)

To book, please contact Brooke on 07783 42 11 32, or email