FACE & LAUGHTER YOGA, once a month (Melissa)

Saturday / 14:30 - 15:30 / Freelance Dance Studio

£7 per class

Melissa / 07986 128 223 / millipede1000@hotmail.com www.unwindbcalm.co.uk

FACE YOGA class. We hold loads of tension in our faces (hands up all you teeth grinders!) and I have lots of lovely exercises/activities that can help people recognise that tension and hopefully help release it. These will be seated sessions, and in addition to facial exercises there will also be acupressure, self-massage, sound therapy, meditation, laughter and even elements of Indian dance!

LAUGHTER YOGA combines movement, laughter sounds and breathing to fool the body into thinking it has genuinely laughed. Among many benefits laughter helps release endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good and pain-relieving chemicals.An interactive, fun and absolutely barking-mad way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Sessions will be held on 1st Saturday of the month

Cost £7 drop in fee.

Contact Melissa on 07986 128 223 or millipede1000@hotmail.com

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