Tuesday / 18:30 - 19:15 / Freelance Dance Studio

£40 for 6 weeks or £8 PAYG

Brooke / 07783421132 /

This form of dance is effective for improving posture and muscle tone; relieving joint and back pain; increasing bone density; helping weight loss; preparing for child birth; lowering stress levels; boosting self-esteem and can help in relieving PMS. Our style of Belly Dance uses all the muscles in the body in a really enjoyable way. What is of particular significance is the way all the smaller underlying muscles get used. The problem with conventional muscle training regimes is that they tend to focus on only the large really obvious muscle groups and you can develop a “hard” muscular look. Belly Dance aims to use all the muscles more evenly so you can develop a nice overall tone. The likes of Kylie, Shakira and Beyonce swear by it!

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