Thursday / 19:30 - 20:15 / Freelance Dance Studio

£40 for 6 weeks or £8 PAYG

Brooke / 07783 421 132 /

Ballet targets the smaller muscles you don’t often use

It’s all the craze in the USA and now you can get your body ready with the total body workout that defines and tones the body, giving you a long lean, supple ‘dancer’ look.

It combines elements of Pilates, Dance and resistance training and focuses on Barre exercises, you don’t need to be a trained dancer or have any experience- this class pushes your individual limits and you can work to your own pace. Please bring a pilates/yoga mat with you.

This is a 45 min class and costs £40 for 6 weeks or £8 PAYG

To book please contact Brooke 07783 421 132

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