Hiring the Studio

The space can comfortably fit 10-12 adult students per class, and 15-17 children per class.

Studio Dimensions; Length 9.5 metres, Width 4.5 metres, Height 2.5 metres

Contract and rates

The minimum COMMERCIAL contract is 6 hours, which will amount to £90 (£15 per hour) paid in advance of your first class. You can use these hours when you want (providing the time is free) or you can have a set slot on the timetable.  – key deposit needed (see below)

NB. 15 minutes is needed either side of Pole Dancing classes to set up and take down the equipment. POLE Studio Hire is £25 per hour. This includes 15 mins either side for set up and take down and also use of the studios poles.

A cheaper rate is offered to hirers for PERSONAL development (non-profit rehearsal time etc) £12 per hour for a 6 hour booking (so £72) – key deposit also needed (see below) please note that 24 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise full payment is mandatory.

ONE OFF hire (with no key deposit required  as someone will be there to let you in) – £25 per hour. Please note that a 50% cancellation fee may apply.

Booking A slot, Deposit, Keys, Advertising and Invoicing

For commercial use – A slot can be saved for you, once you have decided on a suitable class time, by paying a 2-hour deposit (£30). Once you have enough interest, let me know what date you would like to start. You will be issued with your own set of keys to access the studio at your allocated time. A £20 deposit for the keys is required*, which will be refunded when the keys are handed back to me at the end of your hire contract.*Security deposit


For commercial use – It’s up to you how you wish to run your classes and advertise them. You will see on the current timetable that everyone has different payment policies and prices. Also, take a look at the ‘Classes’ page to see how other instructors promote their classes.

You will have free advertising from me in the form of your class being on the timetable, potential window space in the studio, my automated email response (detailing your classes and contact details) and here on my website. Let me know how you want your class to appear on the timetable and also email me a short text to pop on the website.


For commercial use – I will invoice you every 6 weeks on a rolling system. 6 weeks notice must be given if you no longer wish to continue to hire (or if you want to take holidays etc). Otherwise full payment is mandatory.

Please note, that as you will be freelance/self employed you will require a current CRB check, Public Liability insurance and agree to be in charge of all your Tax and National Insurance contributions. Please see www.communitydance.org.uk should you need help with this.

Please email or call Brooke with any enquiries or booking requests: brooke@freelance-dance.co.uk or 07783 42 11 32