Monday / 10:00 - 10:45 / Freelance Dance Studio ONLINE CLASS

£4 per class or £15 for 5 classes

Brooke / 07783421132 /

CHILLATES – A new dawn in toning and relaxation taking influence from yoga, pilates and dance. A complete mind-body workout which improves balance, aerobic fitness, co-ordination and muscle tone. Suitable for all levels, Chillates features a ‘Wake Up’ section to warm up the body, ‘Salute & Strengthen’ developing strength and tone in the large muscles of the lower body, ‘Core Strength & Flex’ working the smaller muscles of the upper/lower body and abdomen and ‘Standing Yoga & Dance’ improving strength and tone for the entire body. Please note participants will require a Pilates/Yoga mat. But failing that a towel on your Livingroom floor will be fine!

You’ll need a safe space to roll out your mat, and please limit as many distractions as possible. If you have any injuries please drop me a text or email to let me know in advance.  Online class price £4 or 5 sessions for £15 – please contact me for payment info.

How to get “Online”


please download this FREE app, and sign up using your email address and a password of your choice. Let me know once you have done so and I’ll add you to my contacts.


Once you have the app downloaded and you’re signed in;


1)            Email me to confirm which class you’d like to book /day/date/time, at least 12 hours ahead of the class

2)            I will reply with a confirmation along with the “meeting invite”

3)            Get your device ready for the session – I would suggest a laptop/tablet or PC as the screen is bigger, however a phone will do if not. (one client even plugged her phone into the TV!)  I would suggest muting yourselves to limit the background noise so all participants can hear me.

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