Brooke Brown Adams – Studio Owner. 

Brooke has been dancing since 1987 and holds a BA(Hons.) in Dance Choreography as well as all grades in Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Modern and Jazz.

Throughout Brooke’s career, she has worked professionally for a number of leading dance companies and is a qualified dance and fitness teacher. 

Brooke has owned the studio for over 10 years, and as well as teaching there herself, Brooke works freelance across the nation in schools teaching all key stage ages (3-17y/o), and in community and leisure centres around her timetable.  The studio is also home to a number of other freelancers, who like Brooke, have a passion for teaching dance and fitness. The studio timetable can be found here.

As well as this, Brooke is proud to have worked for TIN Arts for over 7 years specialising in teaching students with physical and learning disabilities. In doing this, Brooke holds a number of qualifications and undergone lots of training in this area of expertise. 

Aside from the studio timetable and her own, Brooke thoroughly enjoys teaching happy couples their wedding dance and offering private tuition. Please get in touch if this is of interest. 

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