6 week Yoga journey through the chakras -with Tamsin

Saturday / 10:30 - 12:00 / Freelance Dance Studio

£90 for 6 weekly 90 minute classes

Contact: Tamsin / 07800 742 262 / tamsinwrites@gmail.com

6 week Yoga journey through the chakras -with Tamsin

You are invited to start 2019 on a stable base, connect to what you really want, and find the power within to manifest it with a physical and energetic cleanse on this 6-week yoga journey through the chakras. A fun and transformative Christmas gift for you or the yogi in your life.

Each chakra, or energy centre in the body, correlates to specific emotional, physical and mental ailments. When our chakras are out of balance we may feel scattered, worried, moody, confused and unclear and experience dis-ease and pain in the physical body.

On your journey, Tamsin will guide you to harness and guide your energy using asana (yogic postures), pranayama (breath work) meditation and powerful intention-setting practises to bring in a healthy emotional and physical body.

Guide your energy so it is working with you and not against you.

Perfect for those looking to deepen their yoga practice; not suitable for complete beginners.

Week 1: NEW BEGINNINGS Root chakra: A grounding yin practice to gently release heavy and stagnant energy from the festive season

Week 2 CHANGE Sacral chakra: Connect to your deepest desire and create what you really want with a guided womb meditation (you don’t need to have a physical womb) and energising yoga flow

Week 3: POWER Solar Plexus chakra: Burn away old stories and insecurities to step into your power with a candle-lit fire ceremony and releasing yoga practice

Week 4: LOVE Heart chakra: Open and heal your heart and strengthen your immune system with a sweet and loving heart opening yoga practice

Week 5: EXPRESS Throat chakra: Speak your truth without fear using mantra in this high-vibe voice-activating yoga practice

Week 6: KNOW Third Eye and Crown chakras: Learn to listen deeply to your intuition and be guided towards a lighter, clearer future with a ‘higher mind’ yoga and meditation practice to round off our six-week journey

Saturdays, 10.30am-12pm

£90 for 6 weekly 90 minute classes

Tamsin – 07800 742 262